Friday, April 10, 2009

dumpster diving part 3

Here are parts one and two.

Based on those two posts, my conclusion was that I would continue scavenging in dumpsters.

Last night I went with two friends to the Hostess and Wonderbread outlet store near my university. This is one of the locations I frequent for dumpster diving. Free bread and snacks that would otherwise end up in a landfill. I am morally opposed to good food decomposing in landfills.

But, there were a few employees still around after 11pm last night. I have no idea why. When we parked and got out near the dumpster one of them walked up and basically shooed us away. 'You can't take that stuff, that's why we have a store,' was the gist.

We got in the car and drove away, but didn't get very far when I decided that I wanted to question the guy a bit more. It's been suggested to me that instead of just randomly scavenging I should try to get the store to donate the food they would otherwise throw away.

So we went back. The others stayed in the car. We didn't want to overwhelm him.

I asked abotu the option of donating. He avoided the issue and kept coming back to the fact that we were 'just a bunch of students' (I didn't bother correcting him) -- 'what were we going to do with it?' And he really didn't have any power to change anything anyway. So, he gave me the name of his manager and told me I could come talk to him the next day.

So I did.

Today after I woke up at 12:30pm I went and spoke to Dominic. He wasn't particularly helpful, and basically didn't want to deal with me. He talked about a bunch of FDA regulations that they have to abide by, and how they can't donate anything that is past the date printed on it, even if it's still edible. All completely true. But when I mentioned food that gets thrown away before it's expired, he kind of sidestepped the issue. He did mention something about damaged goods, but most of the stuff we find in the dumpster is several days away from expiration and undamaged.

Dominic also said that he doesn't really have any power to make any changes. He mentioned someone named Brenda. He wouldn't give me her contact info, but took my email address and promised to send it to her. I resolved that I'll give her a week to contact me, and if she doesn't, I'll make another visit to Dominic, get his phone number, and make myself as annoying as possible until I get to someone who can do something. I'll make myself the persistent widow, until even the unjust judge relents and deals justice.

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