Thursday, April 23, 2009


So I'm thinking about adding ads to the blog, just to see if I can make any money. Readers, please tell my what you think! Are the ads distracting? Is your experience with free convection significantly better with or without the ads?

Right now I'm using the sidebar, but I could put a box at the bottom of the first post instead (or both). Any thoughts on the location?



jonts said...

I believe you mean ads not adds. Also I usually read this blog on google reader so I'm not sure I'll really see em.

Fendeilagh said...

I generally don't pay much attention to the side bar.. but the current ad which is there just throws the whole color scheme of the page off. I'm not saying that I'd stop reading if there are ads but the experience is definitely better without them. It seems more like Forced Convection.

Elliot said...

I see you already put up the Google ads. In my experience, they're not really worth it. It takes forever to get up to $100, which is the minimum payout. I'd recommend checking out CMF Ads (which I just added on my site) and/or Project Wonderful (on which I currently advertise, but with which I can't host ads yet because I haven't hit 30 posts). Both have cash out limits of $10 instead of $100 and allow you to readvertise with your earned revenue.

If you're not looking to advertise your own site, I'd go with Project Wonderful. Dinosaur Comics uses them, for an example of not really too annoying ads.

I don't think they'd really detract from the experience if you only approved ads that weren't too annoying.