Tuesday, March 17, 2009

race matters

  • In a 2006 Opinion Research poll, almost half of black respondents — 49 percent — said racism is a "very serious" problem, while only 18 percent of whites shared that view.
  • A 2006 U.S. Census Report indicated that 45% of the nation's children under the age of five are racial or ethnic minorities.
I think one of the biggest challenges that we'll have moving to Detroit is that we're four white guys. White people tend not to think about race at all (perhaps because they are the majority). It's my understanding that race matters a lot more to non-whites. And I want it to matter to me, in the most positive way possible.


Joshua said...

Check this out:


How much do you think Obama's election will change the perception of race in this country?

michael said...

Here is a good blog on the white race.... stuff white people do...