Monday, March 16, 2009

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There were almost twice as many visits to my site on the first day that I posted about Christian homosexuality than the previous record.

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Joshua said...

Interesting discussion, but I must say that we must be careful of addressing scripture based on our experiences. Instead, the world should be seen through the lens of scripture.

I'm not sure of the "confusion" that supposedly exists about the message behind Romans 1, but we must be wary of redefining scripture and playing the "culture" card when understanding it. It says something and we must be sure that we are putting God's Word above our own desires or beliefs.

Also, let's not play the "there is evidence that homosexuality is genetic" game quite yet. You may believe that homosexuality is a natural-born state for some people, but just remember that the evidence is against that theory. There is no solid evidence that a true genetic basis exists for homosexuality (and much of the evidence that does exist has been shown inaccurate or made based on false data... but the same can be said of the other side).

Anecdotal evidence is all we have about being born homosexual. Science has nothing to say about it yet. Most scientists researching the issue want to win the debate for the side... (it's rather unfortunate that scientists follow politics over their research...)