Wednesday, February 4, 2009

new music

It's been a while since I've taken the time to listen to some new music.  I think I had new music overload.  And I wasn't exactly sure how to deal with the Format, since the disk I'm borrowing is a compilation of two albums.  Anyway, here goes:

Eisley :: Room Noises :: 7/10
Armor for Sleep :: Dream to Make Believe :: 6/10
Bright Eyes :: Cassadaga :: 4/10
The Almost :: Southern Weather :: 9/10
Bedouin Soundclash :: Sounding a Mosaic :: 8/10
Cursive :: The Ugly Organ :: 5/10
Sara Bareilles :: Little Voice :: 6/10
Catch 22 :: Keasbey Nights :: 6/10
Paramore :: Riot! :: 8/10
The Ataris :: So Long, Astoria :: 7/10
Mae :: Singularity :: 8.5/10
Brand New :: The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me :: 5/10
Kevin Devine :: Put Your Ghost to Rest :: 8/10

Artist: The Format
Album:  Selections from Dog Problems and Invitations and Lullabies.
iTunes Genre:  Rock

My Rating:  7/10

Thoughts:  I did much more lyrics reading for the Format than most of the other new music that I've listened to.  I think that's because the music is much more lyric-driven.  The words are clear, at the forefront of the music experience.  Most of the lyrics are some sort of love-related song, but many of them are about lost love, or contain bits of melancholy, so I didn't really connect with them well.  The lyrics are generally quite poetic, which I really appreciate.  This is certainly a band worth continuing to listen to.

Best Track:  On Your Porch

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