Tuesday, February 17, 2009

in words of another

I think this will be the first post in a sporadic series I'll call "In words of another." I do enough quoting of things that it's time for its own label.

Here is a beautiful song by musician and friend Jim Salmon:

Crossroads of Time: A Song of Parting

None of the words I rehearsed for today
Were able to say
My soul’s deep desire.
All the good things I wanted to share
To tell you I care
Consumed me like fire.

Here our paths part at the crossroads of time
Your presence leaving mine
To do God’s good will.
Distance between us pains both heart and mind
But to God space and time
Stand quite still.

Winding down the road that soon leads to Home
We’ll no longer roam
On our long Journey.
For God will hold in His mighty palm
’Til our worries all are calm
In Eternity.

—Jim Salmon © 1980

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