Monday, February 16, 2009

clipped signal

If a few weekends ago was amazing, so was this one, though for entirely different reasons (most of which were due to an awesome God and a very beautiful dragon).

WARNING: This is going to get nerdy really fast.

You know when you have a waveform of some kind, but the signal is amplified beyond your your instrumentation's ability to measure, it gets clipped.  Something like this:

I think this weekend I maxed out my ability to emote positively.  Like, somehow by Sunday evening I had exceeded my capacity for happiness.  That's not to say that I was in any way unhappy.  I was very happy.  But things that would have under normal circumstances made me happier could not.

And I'm not even an electrical engineer...


Matt Marsh said...

ah, the signal has saturated. you could always decrease the amplitude of the response to the input signal. actually, i would have to assume that using your emotional state as the input signal, it is not really a true sinusoid, (at least i hope not!) so you could just add a negative offset to shift the signal within an acceptable range.

similarly, with respect to amplifiers and gain, there is a concept called the slew rate of the amplifier. it is a physical limitation which limits the degree of the change with respect to the speed of the change.

inos said...

A rate limitation is interesting... perhaps that's really what was going on.

And I apologize for any confusion. I did not mean to imply in any sense that my emotional state was sinusoidal!

Anonymous said...

Ah, a little aliasing.

From an Ultra-sound tech


inos said...

you're too obvious, Dad.