Saturday, January 17, 2009

new music

Eisley :: Room Noises :: 7/10
Armor for Sleep :: Dream to Make Believe :: 6/10
Bright Eyes :: Cassadaga :: 4/10
The Almost :: Southern Weather :: 9/10
Bedouin Soundclash :: Sounding a Mosaic :: 8/10

Artist:  Cursive
Album:  The Ugly Organ
iTunes Genre:  Alternative & Punk

My Rating:  5/10

Thoughts:  This was slightly more enjoyable than the Bright Eyes album.  The composition of the album is really cool, in the sense that the whole thing seems to be a single performance, a unified work of art.  The song breaks are never where you expect them to be.  And I think that's kind of cool.  The trouble is that the album title is no misnomer.  It's ugly music.  I'm not too sure about the lyrics, they might have been alright, but the music is just not very fun.

Best Track:  Staying Alive

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