Monday, January 19, 2009

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

a prayer

Thank you for today, God.  Thank you for a day that our nation stops to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr., the man on whose shoulders the Civil Rights movement turned.  Has there been a man more like Moses, sent by God to deliver his people from oppression?  I think you for this celebration today, but God, we are so far from the promised land that he saw before violent death.  We are so far from a dream realized.  God bring reconciliation.  Break walls, mend hearts of generational bitterness, of the system of prejudices and expectations that make our country comfortably divided.  Let us find a way to celebrate diverse cultures together, without ostracism, without judgement.

And God, tomorrow we celebrate again a great achievement for black Americans, but I am firmly convinced that it is only your Church -- it is only your Spirit that can unify, that can mend broken relationships, cross racial divides.  God, use your Church to connect black and white, city and suburb in ways otherwise unimaginable.  


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