Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"good news to the poor"

More suggested reading for today!

I am becoming more of a fan of orthodoxy, with each passing week. Catholics in particular have been much more diligent in the pursuit of social justice than the conservative protestants of the west have been in living memory. This is likely a result of the heightened import of works in salvation in the theology of Roman Catholicism -- an issue over which too many good Christian Catholics have been maligned, and also over which too many have been lead astray. But I must say that our world would be a much more dark and terrible place without the brilliant light of women like Mother Teresa, Dorothy Day, etc...

And the liturgy is astoundingly good. Please never make fun of liturgical worship unless you've experienced a mass and really paid attention to the liturgy.

Anyway... here's the article about concern for the poor and politics by Fernando Laguarda, published over at God's Politics.

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