Tuesday, December 9, 2008

oh, oh, guyana

Yesterday I met with a Guyanese pastor and church planter. He and his family are missionaries to Rochester. They originally came to the states a few years ago to plant a church in the Albany area. After successfully getting that project off the ground, they've moved to Rochester and are planting a church in an impoverished area of the city. I'm excited about a potential partnership with them.

I did kind of wander around outside their house for a while, because I knew their intersection but forgot the address number, and their phone was malfunctioning. But eventually they found me.

Interestingly, I have been to Guyana twice on missions trips with the RIT chapter of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. Check out this awesome website for more info about the trip.

As we were wrapping up our conversation about Rochester, I mentioned that trip to him, and he started with the usual question: where did you go? I mentioned three towns, and he started asking about the churches we had worked with, and the people we had met. It turns out, he used to be very close with one of our main contacts in Guyana, and regularly preached at the church in Bartica that I have preached at. He started some of the bush churches I've visited!

The world is small. It was certainly a "divine appointment" (his words). He is interested in coming to speak with the team that will be going to Guyana this spring, to talk about his home. The grace and sovereign orchestration of God is astounding.

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