Friday, December 26, 2008

high school chapel - aftermath

In terms of conclusion to this series of posts regarding speaking at my high school, there's not really a whole lot to say, but it seems something should be said.

It seemed like I connected pretty well with the students, better than I expected. They were mostly giving positive feedback in terms of body language while I was talking. There was one kid who was completely asleep, and of course some students talking at various points, but overall I was pleased with the attentiveness of 120 high school students.

I took questions as the end. Most of the good ones came from teachers. And of course I was asked why I wasn't wearing shoes. I don't like shoes.

I stuck around afterward for a bit. Two students came to talk to me. One seemed very interested in some of the things I was saying about living incarnationally. He was also curious about my tenancy toward pacifism. I had mentioned Shane Claiborne's Irresistible Revolution as a good resource, and another student talked to me about him. I also had a few questions from seniors interested in RIT.

The response of the faculty was encouraging. In general, they were supportive of my plans to become a new monastic (though I didn't use that terminology). One teacher had actually taught in a city school for five years, and was able to share a few of her stories with me. I was encouraged when those who have taught me look at what I have become and am becoming, and are themselves encouraged.

I was reminded that even the little bit of American Sign Language that I know is an incredible gift. My former art teacher is mostly deaf, and continuing to loose hearing. I know more sign than she does.

I pray that exposing those students to some ideas of a life lived very differently from the world's mold would have an impact, if only on a few.

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