Monday, December 8, 2008

the bus

Today, I rode the campus shuttle completely unnecessarily for about 30 minutes. I had forgotten that my car was parked on campus, and didn't realize it until the bus was almost to my apartment. So, I just stayed on to complete the loop back to campus again. And I really enjoyed it. Public transportation is fascinating to me. Not the system itself, but the people who use it. For the first half of my trip today, I got to talk with a friend that I rarely talk to. For the second half, I pulled out The Cost of Discipleship. It's really heavy, and I've struggled to read it. I'm just not good at books that don't have some sort of plot. But I've found that reading this one a few minutes at a time while I'm on the bus is perfect. It gives me a thought or two that I can mull over through the day.

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