Wednesday, December 17, 2008

beautiful and rote

another new song. despite the title, I'd not actually claim that it's beautiful.
Chords: Am C Dm Am E Am

O my God
I'm not sorry
I just feel guilty
For getting caught.

I don't hate my sin now
I still want it
I can't imagine
Turning around.


It'd be so easy
Just to lie now
More sin
To cover sin

Protect my pride now
Preserve my image
That's what religion
Is all about


O my God
Will they think I'm holy
If I end
This song with hope?

Word of repentance
Flow to my lips now
And rote.


O my God
I'm so sorry
That I've turned
My back on you.

So temporary
These sinful pleasures
I want to love
Eternal You.


Beautiful and rote.
And rote.

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