Thursday, December 11, 2008


Becoming a New Monastic :: Part Next

As I have written previously, I am falling more and more in love with the city.

I must say, the city may be a terrible bride. She's a bit of Solomon's woman Folly, a bit of Gomer, a bit of Herod -- but occasionally, she's Rahab, evidence that God is transforming lives, that he still loves the city, too.

But this morning I had a long conversation with my roommate about the city. I love my roommate. He doesn't like the city, for reasons he cannot fully articulate. It's not just that he prefers the country, he dislikes the city.

Imagine you have a dog that you love absolutely. He sticks by your side through it all, and never complains. You take care of him, but sometimes you feel like he takes even better care of you.
Imagine you're also engaged to be married. Your fiance is allergic to dogs.

That's kind of how I feel about the whole thing. Although, the analogy would be a bit better if my dog was allergic to my fiance. That may seem a little unrealistic, but I do know someone who has a dog that's allergic to grass. What a crappy life for a dog, right?

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Fendeilagh said...

Maybe he's a big dog and needs lots of open space to run around, and you can't take him to live in the city. It just wouldn't be good for his health and happiness.

I think I just combined the metaphor and the meaning. Is that legal?

A dog that's allergic to grass might be better off in the city though. Poor dog.