Friday, November 7, 2008


I spent over an hour observing (and occasionally participating in) a lively debate between a socialist and a capitalist this lovely, bright, sunny afternoon.  I determined I have much more in common with the socialist than the capitalist, in terms of the way I think things should be.  However, I have more in common with the capitalist in terms of the was I think things are.

"Humans are greedy," says the capitalist.  The socialist claims greed is a product of capitalism.  I believe it's the nature of man.

"Equality for all, redistribution of wealth, opportunity to explore gifts and passions in community," says the socialist.  This could be my rally cry.  But the revolutions we seek are not the same.  Mine is the irresistible kind, bringing a new sort of kingdom. It's Jesus.  Is socialism more than an attempt at the communalism of the early church, but without the gospel?

I am ignorant.

But without the gospel, without the presence of the Holy Spirit transforming natural selfish desires into holiness, socialism is impossible.

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JfishJosh said...

Socialism is biblical community without Christ. You are right there sir!