Monday, November 17, 2008


I am more convinced than ever that the human being is not distinct parts body, spirit, emotion, intellect. As much as those things are aspects of our persons, the lines are blurred. They intersect in ways that all are affected by each other.

Music has been very powerful for me in the last few weeks. It moves me emotionally and spiritually. It challenges me mentally. And I participate physically, through playing, singing, clapping, dancing, and other forms of motion which may or may not be rhythmic.

The lament last posted has transformed. It's pretty epic now. New words are as follows:


Verse 1
Streets run red with righteous blood
O Daughter of Jerusalem
The Lord became your enemy
Made your walls and gates lament


Verse 2
Woe to me for I have sinned
All that I had hoped is gone
I have been deprived of peace
The Lord has turned his face from me

Let us test our ways
Let us turn to God
Let us left our hearts
Repent and wait in silence

Da-da-da dat-da-da-da
Da-da-da dat-da-da-da

Chorus 1 (x2)
God came down became a man
Would not leave us to die
But he took the wrath upon himself
Now we are alive

Bridge 1 (x4)
Gates rebuit
Hope restored

Chorus 2 (x2)
Jesus rose up from the dead
Conquered Death and sin
The Spirit gives abundant life
Until he's back again

Bridge 2 (x4)
Is coming back again

Hallelujah (x4)


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