Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I've fallen in love.

It was a surprise to me. I was not trying to fall in love, or expecting to. If anything, it was my purpose to avoid romance of any sort.

But I find myself thinking of her more and more. She's on my mind when I wake up; and when I lay in my hammock at night trying to fall asleep, she's right there. This morning I was so distracted by thoughts of her that I nearly put my milk away in the microwave instead of the fridge. My heart leaps when I see her, after even a brief absence. When I am with her I feel at home. All of my emotions are amplified with her: contentment, frustration, peace, anger, jealousy, compassion.

I have known her for over four years now, and she has been my friend for maybe a bit more than a year. But I seems quite sudden that despite her many flaws (and perhaps because of them) I find myself in love with Rochester.


fendeilagh said...

You're such a tease.

Chops said...

Written like a true romantic.

Amitabh said...

initially i was surprised.... but at the end.... it was true matt!