Monday, October 20, 2008


A friend sent this to me four years ago. At the time, I laughed. Some people are crazy.

Turns out four years later I'm the crazy one. My reasons are not the same, but my presidential vote is.

I cannot bring myself to vote for someone to lead and represent America that I don't agree with. And there is no candidate that I agree with more than 50% of the time! Some may choose to vote for the lesser of two (or four) weevils, but I can't. The Kingdom of God is political. Kings and lords and masters, servants and stewards, judges and justice -- all political terms.

Someone out there has to read my ballot. And if all I've done is brighten someone's long, tedious day in early November, I count it worth the cost.

Locally, the issues aren't quite so big, the stakes not quite so high. I found candidates that I agreed with by more than half. But nationally, I'm towing a new party line: Vote Jesus Christ for president.

EDIT: So, apparently Shane Claiborne recently came out with a new book. No idea what it's about, really, but I thought it interesting, in light of the content of this post.

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JfishJosh said...

Back in July, Ordinary Pen made a post about the whole "Jesus for President" thing. I didn't say much, but there is a CNN article and their webpage if you want to check it out.